Are sonic toothbrushes better than regular toothbrushes?

With manual toothbrushes, most people tend to use a lateral, back-and-forth motion as opposed to the recommended circular movements that sonic toothbrushes achieve. Our sonic toothbrush has 3 brushing modes and a 30-second interval timer. This means that you won’t miss any important sections of your mouth, and have different modes for brushing your teeth. For most people with a normal toothbrush, you can only get around 300 brush strokes per minute manually, however with a sonic toothbrush, you can get up to 30,000 - 40,000, providing teeth cleaning that is virtually unattainable by standard brushing alone. Studies have even shown that sonic toothbrushes provide superior plaque removal and effectively people can clean their teeth with this technology more effectively. Many sonic toothbrush users also say that they brush longer than they would with a regular toothbrush due to the ease of use and the built-in timer.