Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign?

Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign? - Bliss Oral Care

Invisalign are clear aligners - over the counter orthodontic devices that cosmetically correct misaligned teeth. These revolutionary DIY teeth aligners are improving  thousands of Australian smiles, as they provide an easy and non-invasive way to fix smiles from the ease and comfort of the home. Trending now is the process of whitening teeth while simultaneously cosmetically correcting them via use of DIY aligners like Invisalign. No big surprise that the question being asked by clever online sleuths is - Can you whiten teeth while wearing Invisalign? -  the answer is YES

Invisalign - Aligners

The growing popularity of Invisalign stems from their ease of use, low cost, and the ability to correct one’s teeth while avoiding expensive and painful visits to the orthodontist. Cosmetically correcting teeth alignment directly leads to a heightened sense of self-esteem, as well as greater self confidence. Study and consumer feedback show that these are also the same positive results that over-the-counter teeth whitening products can provide. It is only logical that do-it-yourself teeth whitening can be accomplished while wearing teeth aligners as well.

Can I Whiten Teeth AND Align Teeth at the Same Time?

Confusion whether or not it is best to self align and whiten teeth stems mostly from the older designs and methodology of teeth whitening products. Before, teeth whitening gel was inserted directly into whitening trays. This was a messy and inconsistent method of applying whitening formula on the teeth. Some who wore alignment trays sought a work around by applying teeth whitening gel directly into their alignment trays. Needless to say, this was an inconsistent teeth whitening method - although the logic should be applauded.

Though Invisalign, or clear aligner technology, has not changed drastically in the last several years, teeth whitening products have experienced a phenomenal improvement in design and effectiveness. Years ago, the most effective way of whitening teeth entailed use of bulky and messy whitening trays that needed to be applied daily. It’s understandable that many never considered whitening teeth while aligning them - as before that would require using 2 different trays to complete both procedures.

Introducing the advent of teeth whitening strips and better yet - dissolvable teeth whitening strips. Quality teeth whitening strips are the teeth whitening products that have almost single handedly advanced DIY teeth whitening to where it is today. We now are able to do away with any form of teeth whitening tray at all.  We can now simply apply teeth whitening srips directly onto the teeth right after brushing. This should be done before applying the Invisalign tray or after having removed it. Teeth whitening products such as primer, whitening paste, sonic toothbrushes, and whitening strips all should be used to safely accelerate the stain removal and teeth whitening process.

Bliss Oral Care

Make sure to select quality teeth whitening products that are reliable and safe to use. Bliss Oral Care offers an amazing lineup of teeth whitening products that are not only dentist approved and clinically proven - they are also Australian owned! Take advantage of amazing online offers on everything from sonic toothbrushes to leave-in or dissolving teeth whitening strips.

Thousands of Australians have now helped themselves by combining the process of both teeth alignment and teeth whitening - all done from the comfort of their own homes. The daily routine that both procedures require go well in tandem as both require a little discipline. Following a daily schedule will maximise efficiency and ensure the best results.  

How to Whiten and Align Teeth 

Teeth whitening while wearing Invisalign, or aligners, is much simpler than many are led to believe. Most Aussies are familiar with how teeth aligners work.  Depending on the brand, aligners require applying an individually moulded tray over the teeth for a prescribed amount of time each day. This serves the same function as metal braces used to by pushing, pulling, and pressing the teeth into straighter alignment. The advantages of clear aligners are astounding and often makes one wonder as to how they  can be so simple to use.  

The alignment trays correct and straighten teeth without having to attach metal brackets and wires directly onto the teeth. Invisalign trays cause much less pain and irritation compared to when having to apply metal braces directly on and around the teeth as with braces.

The advantages in finances, as well as in time saved by not having to visit an orthodontist every few weeks, should convince any fence-sitters to give teeth aligners a try. Keep in mind - aligners are only meant for cosmetic teeth alignment - not for any drastic deformation or teeth that require massive movement, see your dental professional if there is any doubt.

Teeth whitening now can be done in just a few moments each day. Here’s an in-depth article describing how teeth whitening products remove stains and whiten teeth. Many are choosing to lighten their teeth while removing stains from the enamel - right before inserting their Invisalign trays for the night. Taking time before going to bed at night to insert teeth whitening strips can save months off of the process when compared to whitening teeth after the alignment process. It will also save you money. Make sure to reverse the process each morning, removing the Invisalign tray first and then inserting your teeth whitening strips of choice. Do both processes at the same time!  

Focusing on following a daily routine is an effective way of not forgetting to apply both teeth whitening strips and teeth alignment trays... Whitening during the teeth alignment process also helps alleviate any unforeseen staining or discoloration that sometimes occurs when using Invisalign, or clear aligner trays.  

Teeth whitening strips are essential in being able to whiten the whole surface of your newly aligned teeth. For those who are always on the run or are always looking for the handiest - most convenient method of doing anything, check out the new dissolving teeth whitening strips. You will forget they are even there.

For those looking to go the extra mile, layer up on teeth whitening products.  Whitening teeth is a process that takes time and patience. Using a variety of different teeth whitening products will accelerate the stain removal and teeth whitening process. Bliss Oral Care offers a top to bottom teeth whitening product line-up that covers everything you’ll ever need to lighten your teeth.

“Prime. Brush. Whiten" is the Bliss Oral Care mantra when it comes to describing how easy and achievable it is to have a great white smile. Check out the Bliss whitening products that vary from the best priming paste and sonic toothbrush, to the most effective teeth whitening strips here.


Can you whiten your teeth while wearing Invisalign? Yes. In fact, we more than recommend it. It is the next level of efficiency and convenience when considering cosmetic teeth alignment and teeth whitening. No longer do the two separate procedures need to be undertaken as individual tasks. Instead, they should be seen as DIY, easily achievable cosmetic procedures that should be done from home. Save time and money by making wise choices in teeth alignment and teeth whitening products. Always follow instructions. Follow a daily teeth hygiene, alignment, and whitening routine. Watch your self esteem and confidence grow as you greet the new normal with your new dazzling white smile!